Here is my promo card collection as of 08-15-18. If you can help with anything not listed here,
please contact me at [email protected]

Note: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter cards are linked separately.

24 Seasons 1 & 2 (Comic Images 2003): P2, P3, P4
24 Season 4 (Artbox 2006): NSU-1
24 Season 5 (Artbox 2008): P1 P2, P3
24 TCG: Jack Bauer Loyal to the President (PR 2007 9), Jack Bauer Deadly Skill (PR 2007 12)
The 4400 Season One (Inkworks 2006): P1, P2, P-SD2006, SDCC 2006 4-card promo pack
The 4400 Season Two (Inkworks 2007): P1, P2, P-SD
Abbot and Costello (DuoCards 1996): Promo card 1
Ace Ventura When Nature Calls (Donruss 1995): Prototype
Chris Achilleos Series Two: Angels and Amazons (FPG 1994): Unnumbered Flying Dragon Promo
Advance Comics Image Series 1993/1994: (all # of 12) 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 12
Advance Comics Manga Monthly Checklist 1992/1993: #1
Adventures in Fantasy: Unnumbered Promo
Aeon Flux Movie (2005): sealed pack of four cards, lenticular theater promo
Akira (Cornerstone 1994): Promo 2
Alias Season 2 (Inkworks 2003): SD1, A2-NSU
Alias Season 3 (Inkworks 2004): SD1, A3-1, A3-2, A3-i, A3-UK
Alias Season 4 (Inkworks 2006): P1, P2, PSD
Alien Legacy (Inkworks 1998): P2
Alien vs Predator (Inkworks 2004): P1, AVP-SD2004
Alien vs Predator Requiem (Inkworks 2007): P1, P2, AP SD2007
Aliens Predator (Advance Comics/Dark Horse Comics 1993): Series Checklist Promo
Amalgam Comics (Fleer/SkyBox 1996): Dark Claw Promo
Andromeda Season One (Inkworks 2001): DVD1, SD-2001
Andromeda: Reign of the Commonwealth (Inkworks 2004): ARC-1, P-LVCC
Angel Season One (Inkworks 2000): AP-1, AP-2, AP-3, SD2000
Angel Season Two (Inkworks 2000): A2-1, A2-SD2001
Angel Season Three (Inkworks 2002): A3-UK
Angel Season Four (Inkworks 2003): A4-1, A4-2, A4-SD2003
Angel Season Five (Inkworks 2004): A5-1, A5-CE, A5-WW, A5-SD2004
Ania (Comic Images 1993): Coming in August promo
Animal Mystic (Comic Images 1996): Unnumbered Promo (2 different)
Animaniacs (Topps 1995): P1
The Art Hustle (Sidekick Media 2010): Unnumbered NSU promo (white colored)
The Art of Aly Fell ( EP1 w/Sparkles
The Art of Dave Nestler (Studio-E 2007): DN1, DN2, DN3, DN4
The Art of Heavy Metal (Comic Images 1995): Unnumbered Promo
Art Treasures of the Vatican (Keepsake Collectables 1996): unnumbered promo
Astounding Science Fiction (21st Century Archives 1994): June 1936 promo
Austin Powers- The Spy Who Shagged Me (Cornerstone 1999): P4
The Avengers Silver Age (Rittenhouse Archives 2015): P1, P3
The Complete Avengers (Rittenhouse Archives 2006): P1, P2
Babylon 5 Special Edition (Skybox 1997): Unnumbered promo
The Complete Babylon 5 (Rittenhouse Archives 2002): P1
Barb Wire (Topps/Dark Horse 1993): Unnumbered Promo
Batman Animated Series One (Topps 1993): Unnumbered Prototype
Batman Animated Series Two (Topps 1993): Unnumbered Batman and Catwoman
Batman Animated (Topps 2005): P1, P2
Batman Archives (Rittenhouse Archives 2008): P1, P2
Batman Forever Metal (Fleer 1995): Unnumbered 5"x7" Promo
Batman Master Series (SkyBox 1996): Unnumbered Promo
Batman- Saga of the Dark Knight (Skybox 1994): Unnumbered Promo
Battle of the Planets (Dynamic Forces 2002): Unnumbered promo
Battlestar Galactica Premiere (Rittenhouse Archives 2005): P1, P2
Battlestar Galactica Colonial Warriors (Rittenhouse Archives 2005): P1
Battlestar Galactica Season One (Rittenhouse Archives 2006): P1, CP1
Battlestar Galactica Season Two (Rittenhouse Archives 2006): P1, P2
Battlestar Galactica Season Three (Rittenhouse Archives 2008): P1, P2
Battlestar Galactica Season Four (Rittenhouse Archives 2009): P1, P2, CP1
Baywatch (Sports Time 1995): P
Ed Beard Jr.'s Flights of Fantasy (Destini Productions 1994): Unnumbered Promo
The Beatles (Sports Time 1996): P1
Benchwarmers Holiday Series (Benchwarmers 2006): 1 of 24 Mary Riley promo
Benchwarmers Series Two (Benchwarmers 2006): Promo 2 Costello Twins
Bernie Wrightson "Master of the Macabre" (FPG 1993): Unnumbered Frankenstein Promo
Bernie Wrightson II: More Macabre (FPG 1994): P3
Betty Boop (Dart 2001): C-C
Betty Page Private Collection (Versicolor 2010): BP6-WWA, BP8-DF, BP9-NSU
Beyond Bizarre: Jim Warren's Surrealism (Comic Images 1993): Unnumberd promo
Art to Benefit The Bigfoot Discovery Museum (mhoponhop 2014): Promo Card #P1
Bill Nye the Science Guy (Skybox 1995): Crack it Open Promo, Unnumbered promo
Blackball Comics (Skybox 1994): P0
Blood and Thunder (Marvel 1993): Sept. - Dec. Release Promo
Blood Drive: The Parody Collection (Gypsy Entertainment 2015): P1-A
Blueprints of the Future: Prophetic Visions from the Art of Vincent Di Fate (Comic Images 1994): Unnumbered Promo
Bone Series One (Comic Images 1994): Unnumbered Promo
Bone Series Two (Comic Images 1995): Unnumbered Promo
Bram Stoker's Dracula (Topps 1992): Unnumbered Comic Book promo
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: San Diego Comic-Con 2000 #1 of 4, #3 of 4
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season One (Inkworks 1998): B4-1
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Two (Inkworks 1998): BP1
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Three (Inkworks 1999): B3-3, B3-4, WC-1999
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Four (Inkworks 2000): B4-1, B4-2, SD2000
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Seven (Inkworks 2003): B7-4, B7-SD2003, B7-UK
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Big Bads (Inkworks 2004): P-1, P-3
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Women of Sunnydale (Inkworks 2004): WOS-I, WOS sd-2004, WOS P-UK
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Men of Sunnydale (Inkworks 2005): MOS P2, MOS P-i, MOS P-SD, MOS P-UK
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Memories (Inkworks 2006): B-1, B-SD2006, B-UK
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 10th Anniversary (Inkworks 2007): P1, B10-SD2007, P-K
Butt-Ugly Martians (Comic Images 2002): P2, P3
Camp Rock (Topps 2008): P1
Cards Illustrated "The Rookies" (1994): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Catwoman (Inkworks 2004): P1, P2, , P-UK, FCBD-1, SD2004
The Crocodile Hunter (Dart 2001): Unnumbered SDCC promo
Charmed Season One (Inkworks 1999): P0, SF-1
Charmed Connections (Inkworks 2004): CC-1, CC-3, CC-P2, CC-P3
Charmed Conversations (Inkworks 2005): P-1, P-i, P-SD, P-UK
Charmed Destiny (Inkworks 2006): P1, P2, P-UK
Charmed Forever (Inkworks 2007): P1, P-SD
Chicagoland Entertainment Expo: 2003 Unnumbered promo, 2009 10th Anniversary promo, 2010 NSU 10TC promo, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 16
The Chronicles of Riddick (Rittenhouse Archives 2004): P2
Cinderella (Skybox 1995): S1, S2
Civilian Justice (Beyond Comics 2002): Unnumbered promo
Classic Vintage Movie Posters (Breygent 2008): Promo 1, Promo 2, Promo 3, Promo 5
Classic Vintage Movie Posters Sci-Fi Horror Collector Cards (Breygent 2010): Promo 1, Promo 2, Unnumbered NSU promo, Unnumbered Philly Show Promo
Coca Cola Collection Series 2 (Collect-a-Card 1994): CM-2
Comic Ball Series One (Upper Deck 1990): Unnumbered Bugs Bunny promo
Conan Series I All-Chromium (Comic Images 1993): Unnumbered
Conan Sereis II All-Chromium (Comic Imags 1994): Unnumbered
Conan Series III All Chromium (Comic Images 1995): Unnumbered
Conan Art of the Hyborian Age (Rittenhouse Archives 2004): P1, SD2004
Country Gold Series 2 (Sterling 1993): Barbara Mandrell Promo
Creators Edition Master Series (Skybox 1995): P1, BP1, Cl1
The Creators Universe (Dynamic 1993): Unnumbered Redline Promo, Unnumbered Warhorse Promo
Crimson Embrace (Comic Images 1998): Unnumbered Promo
Crunch'N'Munch: Marvel Storm promo
A Cyber Force Summer (Intrepid 1996): P1, P2, P3
The Crow- City of Angels (Kitchen Sink 1996): P1
DC Bloodlines (Skybox 1993): P1, P3
DC Cosmic Teams (Skybox 1993): #00, Prototype 34, 35, 36, 60
DC Legacy (Rittenhouse Archives 2007): P1, P2
DC Legends '95 Power Chrome (Skybox 1995): Unnumbered promo
DC Master Series (Skybox 1994): P1
DC Vertigo (Skybox 1994): SP2
DC vs Marvel (Fleer/Skybox 1995): Promo 2 of 2
DC vs Marvel Battles of the Century 1995 voting card promo
DC Milestone: The Dakota Universe (SkyBox 1993): M1
Salvador Dali All-Chromium (Comic Images 1995): Unnumbered Promo
Daredevil (Topps 2002): P1, P2, P3
Dark Angel (Topps 2001): P1
Darker Image #1 (Image comics 1993): The Maxx, Deathblow
Dawn: New Horizons (Breygent 2013): Promo USA, Promo Non Sport Update
Dead Zone Season 1-2 (Rittenhouse Archives 2004): P1, P2
Deathmate (Topps/Upper Deck 1993): Unnumbered Promo
Demolition Man (Skybox 1993): S1
Dexter Collector Cards (Breygent 2009): Promo, Promo 1
Dexter Collector Cards Season 3 (Breygent 2009): Promo 1, Promo 2, Promo 3
Dexter The Fourth Season Collector Cards (Breygent 2012): Unnumbered Philly Non-Sports Show promo
Disney Premium (Skybox 1995): P1, P2
Doctor Who 1963-2003: 40th Anniversary (Stictly Ink 2003): P1
Doctor Who Season 1 (Inkworks 2007): DW-SD2007
Donruss Americana (Donruss 2007): Mickey Rooney Promo, Robert Wagner Promo
Doomsday: The Death of Superman (Skybox 1992): #000
Double Impact (Comic Images 1996): Unnumbered Promo
Dragonball Z: P2 (Piccolo)
Dragonball Z Original Japanese Import Edition Hero Collection Series 3: Promo DBZHC3#1
Dreamers of Darkness ( 2010): P1
Duel Masters: Torcon Promo (foil) L12/12, Japanese Promo (foil) P2
Gil Elvgren's Ladies of Naughty Nostalgia (Comic Images 1993): Unnumbered Promo
Gil Elvgren's Calendar Pinups 2 (Comic Images 1994): Unnumbered Promo
Elvira Mistress of the Dark (Comic Images 1996): Unnumbered Promo
Elvis Lives (Press Pass 2006): Unnumbered Promo
Elvis the Platinum Collection (Inkworks 1999): P1, P2, P3
Enterprise Season One (Rittenhouse Archives 2002): P1
Essence of Fairyland ( 2009): P1
The Eudaemon (Press Pass 1993): Unnumbered Promo
Everway (Wizards of the Coast 1995): P13
Family Guy Season One (Inkworks 2005): FCBD-1, P1, P2, P3, P-i, P-UK
Family Guy Season Two (Inkworks 2006): P1, P2, P3, P-UK
Fangoria (Comic Images 1992): Unnumbered Promo
The Fantastic Four Archives (Rittenhouse Archives 2008): P1, P2, CP2
Fantastic Four Loews Cineplex Gift Card
The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen- The Premiere Episodes (Rittenhouse Archives 2003): P1, P2
Farscape Season One (Rittenhouse Archives 2000): P1
Farscape Season Two (Rittenhouse Archives 2001): Unnumbered promo
Farscape Season Three (Rittenhouse Archives 2002): P1
Farscape Season Four (Rittenhouse Archives 2003): P1
Farscape Through the Wormhole (Rittenhouse Archives 2004): P1, P2
Fathom (Dynamic Forces 2001): NSU1
Firefly (Inkworks 2006): P-1, P-UK
Flaxen (Imagine 1993): Unnumbered Promo
Frankenstein (Artbox 2005): Promo 04, SD Promo 02
Full Metal Alchemist TCG: PR2005.4, PR2005.5, PR2006.5
Galidor Series 2 (CineGroupe 2002): 4-card promo set
A Game of Thrones Season 2 (Rittenhouse Archives 2013): P2
Garbage Pail Kids All-New Series 4/5 (Topps 2005): Unnumbered Promo
Garbage Pail Kids All-New Series 6 (Topps 2006): P2
Gargoyles (Skybox 1995): S1
Gentle Giants (Gentle Giants Ltd. 2006): Bust Ups Collector's Club Promo
Ghost Whisperer (Inkworks 2009): P1, P-2, P-i
Ghost Whisperer Seasons 3 & 4 (Breygent 2009): Promo 2, NSU Promo
GI Joe 30th Salute (Comic Images 1994): Unnumbered Promo
Gilligan's Island (Dart Flipcards 1998): Promo 2/2 (Philly Non-Sports Show)
Gladiators Collector Cards (Tempo 1996): GP1, GP3, GP4
Godzilla King of the Monsters (Comic Images 2006): P3
The Golden Compass (Inkworks 2007): GC-P1, GC-P2, GC-UK, GC-SD2007
Gone With The Wind (DuoCards 1996): Unnumbered Promo
GottaPea? (NSU 2007): 13-card "Pea-View" set
Grimm Fairy Tales (Zenoscope Entertainment 2011): Promo 5GFTA
Grimm Season Two (Breygent Marketing 2014): NSU Promo
Gross Out (Kryptyx Entertainment 2006): Sealed 2-card promo pack
Gundom: Unnumbered
Halo (Topps 2007): P1, P2
Hammer Horror Series 2 (Cornerstone 1996): P1
Hanna-Barbera Classics (Cardz 1994): P1, P2
Hanna Montana (Topps 2008): P1
Happy Jack Collectables: HJ-P1, HJ-P2, HJ-P3, HJ-P4, HJ-P5, HJ1, HJ-MC1, XMAS-1, James Morrison Chicagoland Expo promo
Harpy & Harpy: Prize of the Overlord (Ground Zero 1996): Promo Card #1
Harry Potter Promo Cards
Hercules The Complete Journeys (Rittenhouse Archives 2001): Unnumbered promo
Hellboy (Inkworks 2003): P1
Hellboy Animated- Sword of Storms (Inkworks 2006): HA-1, HA-2, HA-i, HA-UK, HA-SD2006
Hero Magazine (1993): Hero Master Foil Promo #2 of 2
Heroes (Topps 2008): P5
Heroes Volume 2 (Topps 2008): P1
Heroes Archives (Rittenhouse Archives 2010): CP1
Richard Hescox: The Fantasy Collection (FPG 1994): Unnumbered promo (2 different)
High Impact (Comic Images 1996): Unnumbered Feel the Impact promo
High School Musical 3 (Topps 2008): P1
The Complete Highlander (Rittenhouse Archives 2002): P1
The Best of the Hildebrandts All Chromium (Comic Images 1996): Unnumbered Promo
The Brothers Hildebrandt (Comic Images 1994): Unnumbered Urshurak promo
Greg and Tim Hildebrandt Separate and Together (Comic Images 1995): Unnumbered Promo
Hildebrandt Collector Cards (Comic Images 1992): P5
Tim Hildebrandt's Flights of Fantasy (Comic Images 1993): Unnumbered Promo
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Cardz 1994): Prototype #2
Hollywood Zombies (Topps 2007): P1, P2, P3
Home Improvement (Skybox 1994): S1
Horror Stories & Terror Tales: Women in Terror (21st Century Archives 1993): August Promo
The Hulk Film and Comic Cards (Upper Deck 2003): PC2
I Love Lucy (Dart 2001): C-C
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Topps 2008): P1, P2, P3, P4, P5
Indiana Jones Masterpieces (Topps 2008): P1, P2
Inkworks Collage Promo: INK-2003, INK2004, INK-10, INK-2007
Iron Man (Rittenhouse Archives 2008): P1, P2
Itchy and Scratchy (Skybox 1993): P3
Jack Kirby's Secret City Saga (Topps 1993): 1 of 12, 9 of 12
The Quotable 007 (Rittenhouse Archives 2004): P1
The Complete James Bond 007 (Rittenhouse Archives 2004): P1, P2
James Bond 40th Anniversary (Rittenhouse Archives 2002): P2, P3
James Bond- Dangerous Liaisons (Rittenhouse Archives 2005): P1, P2
James Bond- Die Another Day (Rittenhouse Archives 2002): P1
James Bond- Goldeneye (Graffiti 1995): Unnumbered Promo
James Bond- Tomorrow Never Dies (Inkworks 1997): P2
James Bond Connoisseur's Collections (Inkworks 1996): P1, P2, P3
Women of James Bond in Motion (Rittenhouse Archives 2003): P2
James Bond 007 in Motion (Rittenhouse Archives 2008): Unnumbered Promo
James Bond Archives (Rittenhouse Archives 2009): P1, P2
James Bond Archives 2015 (Rittenhouse Archives 2015): P3
James Bond Heroes and Villains (Rittenhouse Archives 2010): P2
James Bond Mission Logs (Rittenhouse Archives 2011): P2
Jericho Season One (Inkworks 2007): JER-2007, J1-P1, J1-P2, J1-SD2007
Jim Lee's Stormwatch (Aegis Entertainment, inc 1993): Unnumbered Promo
Jim Lee's WildC.A.T.S (Topps 1993): #0
Joe 2, 4
John Wayne Collector Cards (Breygent 2005): Promo-1
Joss Whedon's Fray (Dark Horse Signing Card)
Journey to the Center of the Earth (Inkworks 2008): P-1
Judge Dredd (Edge Entertainment 1995): Proto 1, Proto 3
Jumanji (Skybox 1995): S1
Jurassic Park (Topps 1993): Action Holograms 3 of 4, 4 of 4
Jurassic Park Gold (Topps 1993): Unnumbered (art by Arthur Adams), Unnumbered (art by Nelson)
Jurassic Park III (Inkworks 2001): JP3-4
Joe Jusko's E. R. Burroughs Collection 1 (FPG 1994): Unnumbered Promo
Justice League (Inkworks 2003): Promo 2 of 7, Promo 7 of 7
Michael Kaluta (FPG 1994): P1
Ken Kelly Collection #2 (FPG Cards 1994)- Unnumbered Promo
Killer Instinct CCG- Techno Mage
Jack Kirby The Unpublished Archives (Comic Images 1994): Unnumbered Promo
Kiss Collector Cards Series (Cornerstone 1997): P6
Kiss Collector Cards Series 2 (Cornerstone 1998): P2
Kong The Eight Wonder of the World (Topps 2005): P1, P2
Kung Fu Panda (Inkworks 2008): P1, P2
Lady Death IV Wicked Ways (Chaos Comics 1997): Unnumbered Promo
Legends and Lore ( 2009): P1, P2, SP1, NSUP1
Lest We Forget Collector Cards (iCardz 2008): PNSi
Lest We Forget America At War (iCardz 2009): Happy Jack Collectibles Unnumbered Promo
Lest We Forget America At War: Band of Brothers (iCardz 2009): PR1
Lexx (Dynamic Forces 2002): P1, Unnumbered promo
Liberty Trading Cards (Cryptozoic Entertainment 2011): P2
Lois & Clark - The New Adventures of Superman (Skybox 1995): L&C1, L&C2
London Night Krome (Krome Studios 1996): Promo 1, Promo 2, Promo 3, Promo 4
Looney Tunes- Back in Action (Inkworks 2003): BiA-1, LT-SD, BiA-UK
Lord of the Rings Promo Cards
Lost Season One (Inkworks 2005): L1-1, L1-PN, L-SD2004, NSU 1 of 2, SD-1
Lost Season Two (Inkworks 2006): L2-1, L2-2, L2-UK
Lost Revelations (Inkworks 2006): LR-1, LR-4, LR-UK
Lost Season Three (Inkworks 2007): L3-1, L3-i, SD2007
Lost Seasons 1 Thru 5 (Rittenhouse Archives 2009): P6, P7, P9
Lost Archives (Rittenhouse Archives 2010): P1, P2
Lost in Space (Inkworks 1997): Unnumbered promo, P3
Lost in Space (Movie Inkworks 1997): MP1
The Complete Lost in Space (Rittenhouse Archives 2005): P1, P2
Luis Royo From Fantasy to Reality (Comic Images 1993): Unnumbered Promo
Mage Knight Unnumbered
Mars Attacks Archives (Topps 1994): Unnumbered, P2, B
Mars Attacks: Occupation (Topps 2015): P1
Mars Attacks Widevision (Topps 1996): Unnumbered Promo (2 different)
Marvel 75th Anniversary (Rittenhouse Archives 2014): P1
Marvel 1993 Annuals (Marvel Comics 1993): 3, 4
Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season One (Rittenhouse Archives 2015): P1
Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season Two (Rittenhouse Archives 2015): P1
Marvel Heroes and Villains (Rittenhouse Archives 2010): P1
Marvel National Safe Kids Campaign (Impel 1991): Sealed pack of three cards (Captain America shows on top)
Marvel Legends (Topps 2001): P3
Marvel Masterpieces (Skybox 1993): Unnumbered Daredevil Promo
Marvel Masterpieces (Skybox 1994): Gambit/Captain America/Psylocke/Hulk 4-card panel
Marvel Masterpieces (Skybox 2007): P3, P5
Marvel Masterpieces (Skybox 2008): P6, P7, P11, Unnumbered Promo
Marvel Official Autograph Card (Marvel Entertainment Group 1992): Spiderman (autographed in silver marker)
Marvel QFX (Fleer/Skybox 1997): Ghost Rider promo, Howard the Duck promo
Marvel, Women of Marvel Series One (Rittenhouse Archives 2008): P1, P2, CP1, CP2
Marvel, Women of Marvel Series Two (Rittenhouse Archives 2013): P1
Marvel, 70 Years of (Rittenhouse Archives 2009): P1, P2
Marvel Dangerous Divas (Rittenhouse Archives 2011): P1, P2
Marvel Universe 1994 (Fleer 1994): Wolverine/Iron Man/Spider-Man/Cable 4-card panel
Marvel Universe 2014 (Rittenhouse Archives 2014): P1
Mask- The Animated Series (Inkworks 1996): M-1, S-1
Masked Rider (Donruss 1996): Unnumbered Promo
Masters of Japanimation (Comic Images 1996): Unnumbered Promo
Maxfield Parrish: Portrait Of America (Comic Images 1994): Unnumbered Promo
Maximum Force (Skybox 1993): Prototype
Mego Museum: 16, 23, 39, 44, 46, 69, Checklist
Melrose Place (Sports Time 1996): P (blue)
Melting Pot Collector Cards (Comic Images 1993): P1
Men in Black (Inkworks 1997): Unnumbered Promo
Men in Black II (Inkworks 2002): P2
Mhoponhop Trading Cards: #P-2012, #TY-2011, #TY-2012, #TY-2016
The Monkees (Cornerstone 1996): Promo 1
Monty Python's Flying Circus (Cornerstone 1995): P2
Mordare (Press Pass 1993): Unnumbered Promo
Mortal Kombat (Skybox 1995): Unnumbered Red Foil Promo, S1
Monsters Inc. (Topps 2001): P1
The Mummy Returns (Inkworks 2000): MR-1
The Munsters Deluxe Series 2 (Dart Flipcards 1997): Al Lewis for Governor promo
The Munsters (Rittenhouse Archives 2004): P2
Muppets Trading Cards (Cardz 1994): P1, P2
Naruto: Ninja Ranks (Inkworks 2002): PN-1, PN-GA, PN-SD2006
Naruto: Shonen Jump (Inkworks 2002): P-1
Naruto: Secret Weapons (Panini/Inkworks 2007): P1, P-T, FCBD-1
Naruto: Way of the Ninja (Inkworks 2007): PWi
The Nightmare Before Christmas (Skybox 1993): S1
Olivia In Omnichrome (Comic Images 1996): Unnumbered Promo
Other Worlds: Michael Whelan II (Comic Images 1995): Unnumbered Promo
The Outer Limits (DuoCards 1997): Promo 1 of 2
The Outer Limits Premiere Edition (Rittenhouse Archives 2002): Unnumbered
The Outer Limits: Sex, Cyborgs, and Science Fiction (Rittenhouse Archives 2003): P1, P2
Package Paradies (NewHamm Productions 2000/2003): P3, P4
Paranormal Activity (Breygent 2010): NSU Promo, Promo
The Phantom (Comic Images 1995) Unnumbered promo
The Phantom (Inkworks 1996): S1
Philly Non-Sports Show: 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 28, 33, 35, 36, 38, 39, 43, 44, Adopt Us Kids
Pinocchio (Inkworks 1996): S1
Pinups Uncovered (21st Century Archives 1996): Unnumbered Promo
Plaid 01, 03, 16, 23
Planet of the Apes Archives (Inkworks 1999): P1, P2
Planet of the Apes (Topps 2001): 2 of 4, 3 of 4
Mike Ploog (FPG 1994): Unnumbered Promo
Popeye (Card Creations 1994): Promo 4
Press Pass 2009 Online Survey Promo Cards: PP1, PP2, PP3, PP4
Prince Valiant (Comic Images 1995): Unnumbered Promo
The Prisoner (Cornerstone 1996): Promo a
The Prophet (Skybox 1996): P0
Rantz Angels ( 2010): P1
Ray Bradbury Comics (Topps 1993): Unnumbered Promo
Reboot (Fleer Ultra 1995): Unnumbered Dot Patrol Promo
Red Sonja (Breygent 2011): Promo-2
The Relic (Donruss 1996): Unnumbered Promo
Revenge Season One (Cryptozoic 2013): P1
Robots (Inkworks 2004): P1, P2, P3, P-i, R-SD-2004
The Rock Says (Waldenbooks 1999): #2 of 2
Roswell (Inkworks 2000): PR-1
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer & the Island of Misfit Toys (Dart 2001): C-C
Sachs & Violens (Comic Images 1993): Unnumbered Promo
The Sandman (Skybox 1993): S1
Sanjulian (FPG 1994): Unnumbered Fighter and Sea Monster promo
Satan's Six (Topps 1993): Promo 4 of 10
SciFi Cards: P1 (#20 of 200, 2010 Detroit Fanfare), P2 (2010 Philly Non Sports Show #53), P2.1 (2010 Philly Non-Sports Show #53 reprint), P3 (2010 Steel City Con),
P4 (2011 Chicago Entertainment Expo), P5 (2011 Chicago Entertainment Expo Tour), P6 (2011 Motor City Comic Con), P6.1 (2011 Motor City Comic Con Reprint),
P7 (2011 Philly Non Sports Show #54), P8 (2011 Cherry Capital Con), P9 (2011 Cyphan), P10 (2011 Detroit Fanfare), P11 (2011 Chicago Entertainment Expo),
P12 (2011 Philly Non Sports Show #55), P13 (SciFi Cards Happy New Year), P14 (Thank You For Your Order), P15 (2012 Chicago Non-Sport Card Show), P16 (2012 Philly Non Sports Card Show),
P17 (2012 Motor City Comic Con), P25 (2013 Motor City Comic Con), P35 (2013 Philly Non Sports Show #60), P38 (Celebrating 15 Years), BC1 (SciFi Cards Business Card)
Scooby Doo Movie (Inkworks 2002): SD-1
Scooby Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed (Inkworks 2002): P1, P3
Scooby Doo: Mysteries and Monsters (Inkworks 2003): SDMM-1
The Scorpion King (Inkworks 2002): SKP-1, SKP-2, SKP-UK
The Art Of Kevin Second (mhoponhop 2014): NSU Promo
The Seeker: The Dark is Rising (Inkworks 2007): P1, P2, PK, P-SD2007, PFW
Serenity (Inkworks 2005): SP-1, SP-i, SP-UK, SP-SD2005, SP-CEE, SP-WW
The Shadow (Topps 1994): Unnumbered Promo
Shrek (Dart/Dreamworks 2001): P2, Toronto sport card show unnumbered promo
Shrek 2 (Comic Images 2004): P1, P2, P3, WM P2
Shrek the Third (Inkworks 2007): S3-1, S3-2, S3-3, S3-T, S3-SD2006, H2006
The Simpsons Tenth Anniversary (Inkworks 2000): P1, NSU-1
Simpsons Mania (Inkworks 2002): P2
Six Feet Under Season 1-2 (Rittenhouse Archives 2004): P1, P2
Skeleton Warriors (Fleer Ultra 1995): Unnumbered Dagger Promo
Sketch Life Volume Two: Unnumbered Promo
Sliders (Inkworks 1996): Unnumbered promo
Smallville Season 1 (Inkworks 2002): P-1, P-i
Smallville Season 2 (Inkworks 2003): SM2-1, SM2-2, SM-SD2003, SM2-UK
Smallville Season 3 (Inkworks 2004): SM3-1, SM3-2, SM3-i, SM3-SD
Smallville Season 4 (Inkworks 2005): SM4-1, SM4-i, SM4-UK
Smallville Season 5 (Inkworks 2007): SM5-1, SM5-T, SM5-UK
Smallville Season 6 (Inkworks 2008): SM6-1, SM6-P
The Sopranos Season One (Inkworks 2005): S1-1, S1-2, S1-3, S1-i, S1-SD, S1-UK
Sorayama (Comic Images 1993): Unnumbered promo
Sorayama- Silver & Satin (Comic Images 1996): Promo 1 of 2
Spawn the Movie (Inkworks 1997): P2, Unnumbered promo
Species (Comic Images 1995): Unnumbered Promo
Spiderman Cookie Crisp (1994): 6-card promo set
Spiderman (Topps 2002): P1, Unnumbered Promo
Spiderman 3 (Topps 2007): P1
Spiderman Archives (Rittenhouse Archives 2009): P1
The Spiderwick Chronicles (Inkworks 2008): SC-2, SW-SD2007
Spike The Complete Story (Inkworks 2005): P1, P-i, P-UK
The Spirit (Inkworks 2008): P1, P2, Pi, P-PS, P-MS, The Ladies of Spirit SDCC 4-card promo packet
Spoofy Tunes (Butthedz 1993): P2
Jerry Springer (Comic Images 1998): P2
Stargate Atlantis Season 1 (Rittenhouse Archives 2004): P1, P2
Stargate Atlantis Season 2 (Rittenhouse Archives 2006): P1, P2
Stargate Atlantis Season 3 & 4 (Rittenhouse Archives 2008): P1, P2
Stargate SG-1 Season 5 (Rittenhouse Archives 2002): P1, P2
Stargate SG-1 Season 6 (Rittenhouse Archives 2004): P2
Stargate SG-1 Season 7 (Rittenhouse Arrchives 2005): P1, P2
Stargate SG-1 Season 8 (Rittenhouse Archives 2006): P1, P2
Stargate SG-1 Season 9 (Rittenhouse Archives 2007): P1, P2
Stargate SG-1 Season 10 (Rittenhouse Archives 2007): CP1, P1, P2
Stargate Heroes (Rittenhouse Archives 2009): P1, P2
Stargate Universe Season One (Rittenhouse Archives 2010): P1, P2
Star Trek 35th Anniversary HoloFEX (Rittenhouse Archives 2001): P1
Star Trek 40: Celebrating 40 Years (Rittenhouse Archives 2006): P1
Star Trek The Original Series 40th Anniversary (Rittenhouse Archives 2008): P1
Star Trek The Original Series 40th Anniversary Series 2 (Rittenhouse Archives 2008): P1, P2
Star Trek: The Original Series (Rittenhouse Archives 2009): P1, P2
Star Trek Remastered Original Series (Rittenhouse Archives 2010): P1
Star Trek Movies in Motion (Rittenhouse Archives 2008): P1, P2
Star Trek Movies (Rittenhouse Archives 2009): P1, P2
The Complete Star Trek Deep Space Nine (Rittenhouse Archives 2003): P2
The Complete Star Trek Movies (Rittenhouse Archives 2007): P1, P2, CP2
The Complete Star Trek The Next Generation Series One 1987-1991 (Rittenhouse Archives 2011): P1, P2
The Quotable Star Trek Movies (Rittenhouse Archives 2010): P1, P2
The Quotable Star Trek The Next Generation (Rittenhouse Archives 2004): P1
The Quotable Star Trek Deep Space Nine (Rittenhouse Archives 2007): P1
The Quotable Star Trek Voyager (Rittenhouse Archives 2012): P2
Women of Star Trek (Rittenhouse Archives 2009): P2
Star Wars Promo Cards
Starship Troopers (Inkworks 1997): P1
Strangers in Paradise (Comic Images 1996): Unnumbered Promo
Street Fighter II (Capcom 2007): Unnumbered Download Promo
Super Mario Bros. (Skybox 1993): Unnumbered Promo
Superman Returns (Topps 2006): P1
Superman the Legend (Cryptozoic 2013): P1
Supernatural Season One (Inkworks 2006): SN-1, SN-UK, SN-T
Supernatural Season Two (Inkworks 2007): P-DS
SuperStars MusiCards (ProSet 1991): Lita Ford Promo #2, MC Hammer Promo #3
Darrel K. Sweet (FPG 1994): P1
Tank Girl (Comic Images 1995): Unnumbered Promo
Tek World (Cardz 1993): Proto Type #3
Tempo Collection (Tempo Trading Cards 1995): P2
Terminator 3- Rise of the Machines (Comic Images 2003): P2, P3
Terminator Salvation (Topps 2008): P1, P2
Terminator CCG: I'll Be Back
The Three Stooges (DuoCards 1996): Unnumbered
The Three Stooges (Breygent 2005): Promo-1, Promo-2, Unnumbered SDCC Promo
The Three Musketeers (Skybox 1993): S1
Thunderbirds Are Go! (Cards Inc. 2004): CIWTB
Thunderbirds Premium (Cards Inc. 2001): P1
Tiny Toon Adventures (Cardz 1994): P1, P2, P3
Titan AE (Inkworks 2000): P1
ToHuBoHu (New Breed Comics 1999): SDCC Exclusive promo
Tomb Raider (Inkworks 2001): TR4
Tomb Raider The Cradle of Life (Inkworks 2003): TR2-1, TR2-SD2003, TR2-UK
Top Cow Universe (Dynamic Forces 2002): Unnumbered Promo
Torchy (Comic Images 1994): Unnumbered Promo
Toy Story (Skybox 1995): S1, Totally Toy Story at te El Capitan Theater promo
The Trading Card Museum (2010): Site Promo card
Transformers- Dark of the Moon (Enterplay 2011): Unnumbered Promo
Triumphant Comics: The Collector's Universe (Advance Comics 1993): Doctor Chaos Promo, The Chromium Man Promo
TV's Coolest Classics (Inkworks 1998): P3
Twilight (Movie 2008): SDCC Sealed 4-card promo pack, P1
Twilight (Movie 2008): 2 different Blockbuster gift cards, Wal-Mart gift card
Twilight Zone (Rittenhouse Archives 1999): P1
Twilight Zone Season 3: Shadows and Substance (Rittenhouse Archives 2002): P1
Twilight Zone Season 4: Science and Superstition (Rittenhouse Archives 2005): P1, P2
Complete Twilight Zone 50th Anniversary Edition (Rittenhouse Archives 2009): P1, P2
UGoGirl (Skybox 1993): P-1
Ultraverse (Skybox 1993): #0, #00
Ultraverse II (Skybox 1993): P0, P2
Ultraverse Edition: SkyBox Master Series (SkyBox 1994): C1
Under The Dome Season One (Rittenhouse Archives 2014): P1, P2
Universal Monsters of the Silver Screen (Kitchen Sink 1996): Promo 2 of 6, Promo 6 of 6
Urban Legends ( 2009): P3
Valient Era (Upper Deck 1993): Unnumbered promo
Vampirilla Gallery Widevision (Topps 1995): P6
Van Helsing (Comic Images 2004): P2
Varga Girls Pin-Ups II (21st Century Archives 1993): December 1945 Prototype
Veronica Mars Season One (Inkworks 2006): P1, P2, P3
Veronica Mars Season Two (Inkworks 2007): VM2-P1, VM2-PT
Versicolor Productions: Unnumbered Promo
Violent Messiahs- The Book of Job (Image 2002): Unnumbered Promo
Wacky Packages: Happy Jack Collectibles Promo HJ-P1
Wacky Packages Old School Series One (Topps 2009): NSU promo card
Wacky Packages Old School Series Two (Topps 2010): Unnumbered promo card
Wacky Packages (Topps 2010): NS1
Wanted By FBI (Federal Card Company 1993): Armando Garcia "Prototype"
Warehouse 13 Season 1 (Rittenhouse Archives 2010): P1, P2
Warehouse 13 Season 2 (Rittenhouse Archives 2011): P2
Warlord of Mars (Breygent 2012): Promo-2
Warriors of Virtue (IJL Creations/Law Brothers Entertainment 1997): Fantasy Action Card
Weird and Wild Creatures: Sealed 4-card pack with Poison-Dart Frog and Cerberus on the outsides of the pack, unknown cards on inside
Wild Wild West (Skybox 1999): Unnumbered
WildC.A.T.S. Widevision (Image Comics 1994): P2
Wildstorm Set One (Wildstorm 1994): PR1
Witchblade (Top Cow 1996): Unnumbered Promo
Witchblade (Inkworks 2002): P1
Wizard in Training CCG: P3 (Transform)
Wizard Magazine Series 1- #1, #2, #3, #4, #6, #7, #8, #9 (two versions)
Wizard Magazine Series 2- #1, #2, #3 (away team), #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11
Wizard Magazine Series 3- #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9
Wizard Magazine Series 4- #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15, #16, #17, #18, #19, #20, Thirtieth Anniversary
Wizard Magazine Special- Christmas Eve In Brooklyn (two versions), Superman The Man Of Steel, Beavis And Butthead, X-Men Turn Thirty, The Spirit (Red Foil), Santa Todd, 25th Anniversary
Wizard Magazine Creator's Portfolio- Madman #1, Mordare #2, Grendel #3, Bone #4
Wizard Magazine/Dark Horse Comics: Predator vs Magnus Robot Fighter #3, #4
Wizard Magazine/Valiant: Tragedy at Ditsyworld
Wizard Magazine/Press Pass: The Eudaemon
Wizard of Oz Collector Cards (DuoCards 1996): Promo 1
Wizard of Oz Collector Cards (Breygent 2006): Promo 1, Promo 2, Promo 3, Promo 4
Wizard of Oz Collector Cards Series 2 (Breygent 2007): Promo 1, Promo 3, Unnumbered Philly Show promo, Unnumbered NSU promo
WCW Embossed (Topps 1999): P2
WCW/NWO (Topps 1998): P1, P2
Basil Wolverton's Barflyze (RRParks Cards 2015): Promo Card 4
Woodstock Generation (Breygent 2010): Promo 1, Unnumbered NSU Promo, Unnumbered Philly Promo
WWE Heritage (Topps 2005): John Cena Promo
WWE Insider (Topps 2006): P1, P2
WWF No Mercy (Comic Images 2000): P1, P2
WWF Smackdown (Comic Images 1999): P3
WWF Superstarz Trading Cards (Comic Image 1998): Promo Card 1 of 4, 2 of 4, 3 of 4
WWF Rock Solid- The People's Trading Card Series (Comic Images 2000): P3
X-Files Season 2 (Topps 1996): P5
X-Files Seasons 4&5 (Inkworks 2000): P2
X-Files Seasons 6&7 (Inkworks 2001): X67-0, X67-1
X-Files Connections (Inkworks 2005): P1, P-i
X-Files I Want To Believe (Inkworks 2008): X-i
X-Files CCG: Alien Technology Promo
X-Men Series 2 (Skybox 1993): Unnumbered Juggernaut Prototype
X-Men Ultra (Fleer 1995): 2-card promo (Wolverine/Bishop)
X-Men (Topps 2000): X4 of 4
X-Men X2 (Topps 2006): P1, P2
X-Men 3 (Rittenhouse Archives 2006): P1
X-Men Archives (Rittenhouse Archives 2009): P1, P2, CP1, CP2
X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Rittenhouse Archives 2009): P2
X-Men Origins: Wolverine: Papa John's Gift Card
X-Men CCG: P1
Xena Warrior Princess Series 2 (Topps 1998): P2
Xena Warrior Princess Season 4&5 (Rittenhouse Archives 2001): P4
Xena Warrior Princess Season 6 (Rittenhouse Archives 2001): P1
Xena: Beauty & Brawn (Rittenhouse Archives 2002): P1
Xena and Hercules The Animated Adventures (Rittenhouse Archives 2005): P1, P2
The Quotable Xena (Rittenhouse Archives 2003): P1
Xena Warrior Princess- Art and Images (Rittenhouse Archives 2004): P1, P2
Xena Warrior Princess- Dangerous Liaisons (Rittenhouse Archives 2006): P1, P2
Youngblood (Comic Images 1992): #0
Youngblood (Skybox 1995): S1
Yu Yu Hokusho TCG: P2 (Kurama's Last Stand)
Zen Intergalactic Ninja (Entity Comics 1993): Promotional Sample Card
Zoom Suit (Superverse Comics 2006)- 2 of 3, 3 of 3