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Have For Trade:

Avengers vs X-Men

114 Magneto, Sonderkommando

Doctor Doom, Nemesis

Doctor Doom, Reed Richards' Rival
Green Goblin, Goblin Lord
Mystique, Unknown
Punisher, McRook
Silver Surfer, Silverado

Uncanny X-Men

95 Ant-Man, The Insect World
103 Iron Man, Superhero
108 Namor, Imperius Rex
110 Psylocke, Kwannon The Assassin
113 Sabretooth, Superpowered
114 Scarlet Witch, Unity Squad x2
115 Sentinel, Robot
120 Vision, Voctor Shade

063 Angel, Flying High x2
064 Ant-Man, Pym Particles
065 Apocalypse, Archvillain x3
067 Black Panther, T'Challa x2
068 Cable, Techno-Organic x2
070 Cyclops, Field Leader x3
071 Falcon, Recon x5
072 Iceman, Mister Friese x3
073 Juggernaut, Kuurth
074 Kitty Pryde, Just a Phase x3
075 Magik, Lightchylde x2
076 Magneto, Hellfire Club x3
077 Marvel Girl, Superhero
078 Mister Sinister, Nasty Boy x2
079 Mystique, Raven Darkholme
080 Namor, Atlantean x3
081 Professor X, Founder
082 Psylocke, Ninjutsu x3
083 Pyro, Pyrokinetic
085 Red Hulk, a.k.a. Rulk x2
087 Sentinel, Archvillain x3
088 She-Hulk, Lady Liberator x2
090 Toad, Sniveling Servant
091 Vision, Android x2
092 Wolverine, Antihero x2
093 X-23, Assassin

035 Ant-Man, Biophysicist x7
036 Apocalypse, Awakened x7
037 Bishop, Omega Squad x11
038 Black Panther, Wakanda Chief x9
039 Cable, Man of Action x10
040 Captain America, Special Ops x7
062 Cerebro, Cybernetic Intelligence x8
041 Emma Frost, Archvillain x9
042 Falcon, Samuel Wilson x8
043 Iron Man, Upright x10
044 Magik, Illyana Rasputina x10
045 Marvel Girl, Telekinetic x8
046 Mister Sinister, Archvillain x10
047 Mystique, Ageless x10
048 Namor, The Sub-Mariner x8
049 Professor X, Recruiting Young Mutants x8
050 Psylocke, Betsy Braddock x7
051 Pyro, Saint-John Allerdyce x10
052 Red Hulk, Thunderbolt Ross x9
053 Sabretooth, Something to Prove x9
054 Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff x8
055 Sentinel, Mutant Hunter x11
056 She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters x10
057 Spider-Man, Hero for Hire x6
058 Storm, Weather Witch x8
059 Toad, Tongue Lashing x8
060 Vision, Density Control x9
061 X-23, Scent of Murder x9

Justice League

42 Brainiac, Terror of Kandor
68 Superman, Not a Bird or a Plane

War of Light

Anti-Monitor, Warp Reality
Atom, Dr. Ray Palmer x2
Atrocitus, Atros of Ryut x2
Batman, Fear As A Weapon x2
Beat Boy, Gar x2
Bleez, Victim x2
Carol Ferris, Star Sapphire x2
Dex-Starr, Dexter Of Earth x2
Fatality, Yrra Cyniril x2
The Flash, Bary Allen Of Earth
Guy Gardner, Heated x2
Hal Jordan, Fearless x2
Indigo-1, Iroque x2
Jade, Jennifer-Lynn Hayden
John Stewart, Marine
Kilowog, Drill Instructor x2
Kyle Rayner, Hopefully Will x2
Lantern Battery, Speak The Oath
Lantern Ring, Not Just Jewelry
Larfleeze, Avarice x2
Lex Luthor, Egomaniac x2
Lyssa Drak, Keeper Of The Book Of Parallax
Mera, Queen Of Atlantis x2
Miri Riam, Beacon In The Dark x2
Mogo, Living Planet
Mongul, Usurper Of The Corps x2
Munk, Empath
Parallax, Source Of Terror x2
Ranx, Sentient City x2
Raven, Rachel Roth x2
Saint Walker, Bro'Dee Walker Of Astonia x2
Scarecrow, Dr. Jonathan Crane x2
Sinestro, Fears Made Into Light
Spectre, Divine Retribution x2
Starfire, Princess Of Tamaran
Superboy Prime, Clark Kent Of Earth Prime
Supergirl, Angry Alien x2
Warth, Peace Be With You x2
Wonder Girl, Cassie Sandsmark x2
Wonder Woman, Loved By The Gods x2

Age Of Ultron

Baron Zemo, Master Of Evil
Daredevil, Man Without Fear
Hyperion, Avenger
Jocasta, Wife Of Ultron

Baron Zemo, Helmut J. Zemo
Thor, Thunderer
Captain America, Symbol Of Freedom x2
Ultron, Drone 1000100
Daredevil, Matt Murdock
Groot, Reincarnated
Maria Hill, Avengers Liaison

Dungeons and Dragons- Battle of Faerun

25 Beholder, Lesser Aberration
36 Half-Dragon, Lesser Humanoid
43 Mind Flayer, Lesser Humanoid
46 Orc, Lesser Humanoid
49 Purple Worm, Lesser Beast x2
51 Skeleton, Lesser Undead
56 Umber Hulk, Lesser Beast
60 Zombie, Lesser Undead
62 Magic Sword, Lesser Gear
Manticore, Lesser Beast
Green Dragon, Lesser Dragon