I am attempting to gather a representative single card from each CCG/TCG ever made, as well as Miniatures games that have a CCG component. This can be the lowliest of common cards, it doesn't matter as long as the card is a standard card from each game. Below is a list of every CCG/TCG that I know of, along with information about its publisher, any active official website for that game, as well as the years it was in production. Finally, the far right column shows whether I have a copy of a card for that game (Y means I have one, N means I need one).

If you can help me with a single card from any game on this list, or have any new or additional information about these or any other CCG/TCG, please contact me.

CCG/TCG Name Publisher Active Website Years Active In My Collection
.hack//ENEMY Decipher 2003-2005 Y
.vs System Upper Deck 2004-2009 Y
007 Spy Cards GE Fabbri http://www.007spycards.com 2008 N
24 Press Pass Inc 2007-2008 Y
7th Sea Alderac Entertainment 1999-2002 Y
Age of Empires II Journeyman Press 2000- Y
Age of Heroes Renegade Mage http://renegademage.com/aoh.html 1997 N
Alice Soft N
Aliens vs Predator Harper Prism 1997-1999 Y
Allegiance: War of Factions Upper Deck http://www.allegianceccg.com/ 2004-2005 N
American Idol Fleer/Skybox Entertainment 2004 N
Anachronism TriKing Games/The History Channel 2005-2007 Y
Ani-Mayhem Pioneer Entertainment http://www.ani-mayhem.com/ 1996-1997 Y
Anima: Tactics Miniatures Game Fantasy Flight Games / Cipher Studios http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite.asp?eidm=16&enmi=Anima:%20Tactics 2006 Y
Anime Madness Matthew Johnston Games 1996 Y
Animorphs Decipher 1999 N
Aquarian Age Broccoli 2000 N
Arcadia White Wolf 1996 Y
Austin Powers Decipher 1999 Y
Avatar: The Last Airbender Upper Deck 2006 Y
Babylon 5 Precedence Entertainment 1997-2001 Y
Bakugan Battle Brawlers Spin Master http://www.bakugan.com/index.php 2006 N
Banemaster: The Adventure Chessex 1995 Y
Baseball 3010 Imagination Sports 2002 N
Battle Spirits Bandai http://www.bandaicg.com/battlespirits/ 2009- Y
Battlecards Steve Jackson (UK) 1993 Y
Battlelords New Millenium Ent. 1995 Y
Battlestar Galactica Wizkids 2006-2007 Y
BattleTech Wizards of the Coast 1996-2001 Y
Bella Sara Hidden City Games http://www.bellasara.com/ 2007- Y
Behind Fishtank 2003 N
Ben 10 Bandai 2007 N
Berserk Fantasy World, Inc. 2003 N
Beyblade Decipher 2003 Y
Bible Battles F.F. Casey II http://www.biblebattlestradingcardgame.com/ 2008 N
Bionicle: Quest for the Masks Upper Deck 2001 Y
Bleach Score Entertainment 2007-2009 Y
Blood Wars TSR 1995 Y
Blue Dragon Konami 2008- Y
Boy Crazy Decipher 2001 N
Bratz Upper Deck 2004 N
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Score 2001-2004 Y
C-23 (Jim Lee's) Wizards of the Coast 1998 Y
Call of Cthulhu Fantasy Flight Games 2004- Y
Captain Tsubasa Konami 2002 N
Cardcaptors Upper Deck 2001 Y
Cardfight!! Vanguard Bushiroad Inc. http://cf-vanguard.com/en/ 2011- Y
Case Closed Score Entertainment 2005 Y
Chaotic 4Kids Entertainment http://www.chaoticgame.com/ 2007-2008 Y
Champions Gibsons Games 1995 N
Chessheads Wizer Games http://www.chessmate.com/ChessHeads.html 2004 N
City of Heroes AEG http://www.cityofheroesccg.com/ 2006-2007 Y
Codename: Kids Next Door Wizards of the Coast http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=knd 2005- N
Combat Cards Second Life Doc Bofflin & Osprey Therian http://combatcards.wordpress.com/ 2006 N
Conan Comic Images 2006 Y
Crimson Skies CMG WizKids 2003 Y
CrossGen 2004 N
The Crow Heartbreaker/Target Games 1995 Y
Crown of the Emperor Faultline Studios 2003 Y
Crystalicum Wolf Fang PH 2005 N
Cthulhu 500 Atlas Games http://www.atlas-games.com/product_tables/AG1260.php 2004 Y
Cyberpunk Social Games 2003 Y
Dark Age: Feudal Lords FPG 1996 Y
Dark Eden Heartbreaker/Target Games http://www.thewinternet.com/doomtrooper/darkeden/index.html 1997 Y
Dark Force Schmidt Spiele 1994 N
Dark Millenium Sabertooth Games 2005-2007 N
Deadlands: Doomtown Wizards of the Coast 1998-2001 Y
Deadlands: Lost Colony Pinnacle Entertainment Group 2000 Y
Death Note Konami 2008 N
Devacurse Gandharvas Studio 2007 N
Di Gi Charat N
Digimon Digibattle Bandai 2000- Y
Digimon D-Tector Bandai 2002- Y
Dimension O Brocolli 2005 N
Dino Hunt Steve Jackson Games 1996 Y
Dinosaur King Upper Deck 2008 Y
Dixie Columbia Games 1994-1995 Y
Doctor Who MMG 1996 Y
Doctor Who: Battles in Time GE Fabbri 2005-2009 Y
Don: Continuing Criminal Enterprise MythIntentions 2002-2003 N
Doomtrooper Heartbreaker/Target Games http://www.thewinternet.com/doomtrooper/ 1995-1997 Y
The Dozens Topps 2005 N
Dragon Booster Score Entertainment 2005-2006 Y
Dragon Dynasty Romancing Cathay 2001 N
Dragon Storm Black Dragon Press 1995 Y
Dragon's Wrath Heraclio Fournier 1995 Y
Dragonball Z CCG Score Entertainment http://www.dbzcardgame.com/ 2000-2006 Y
Dragonball Z TCG Score Entertainment 2005 N
Dragonball GT TCG Bandai 2004 Y
Draim Arena Draim 2006 N
Dredd Pinnacle Ent./Round Table 2000 Y
Duel Masters Wizards of the Coast http://wizards.com/duelmasters/ 2003 Y
Dune Wizards of the Coast 1997-1998 Y
Dungeons and Dragons CMG Wizards of the Coast 2003-2010 Y
Eagles: Waterloo Columbia Games 1995 Y
Echelons of Fire Medallion Simulations 1995 Y
Echelons of Fury Medallion Simulations 1995 Y
Echelons of Fury Pacific Medallion Simulations 1995 N
Epic Darwin Kastle 2009-2010 Y
Epic Battles Score Entertainment 2005-2007 N
Evangelion Bandai 1998 N
Eve: The Second Genesis CCP Games 2006-2007 Y
Fantasy Adventures Mayfair Games 1996 Y
Fast Break Wildstorm Productions 1996 Y
Fight Klub Decipher https://www.decipher.com/ 2009- Y
Final Fantasy VIII: Triple Triad Bandai 1999 N
Final Twilight Neo Productions http://final-twilight.neoproductions.net/ 2009 N
Firestorm Third World Games http://www.thirdworldgames.com/html/fs_re/ 2001 Y
Flights of Fantasy Destini Productions 1994 Y
Football Champions Wizards of the Coast 2001 N
Football Resurrection Portal Games Ltd http://www.footballresurrection.co.uk/ 2008- N
Full Metal Alchemist Joyride Entertainment 2005-2007 Y
Galactic Empires Companion Games 1994-1997 Y
A Game of Thrones Fantasy Flight http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite.asp?eidm=10 2002- Y
Garbage Pail Kids Topps 2005 Y
Gasaraki Mission Director Bandai 1999 N
General's Order Strategy Entertainment http://www.generalsorder.com/ 2007 N
Genso Suikoden Konami 2001 N
G.I. Joe Wizards of the Coast 2004 Y
Gridiron Fantasy Football Upper Deck/Precedence Ent. 1995 Y
Guardians FPG 1995-1996 Y
Gundam War Bandei 2005 Y
Gundam Wing (MS War) Bandai 2000 N
Harry Potter Wizards of the Coast http://pojo.com/harrypotter/ 2001-2003 Y
Hatalom Kartyai Beholder KFT 1995 N
Havic: the Bothering PGI Limited 1998 Y
Hecatomb Wizards of the Coast 2005-2006 N
Hercules The Legendary Journeys Wizards of the Coast 1998 Y
Heresy Last Unicorn Games 1995 Y
Heroclix CMG WizKids 2002-2008 Y
Heroes of Might & Magic IV DG Associates http://www.dgagames.com/HMM/HMM.html 2005 Y
High School Musical 2 Topps Y
High Stakes Drifter Wizkids 2005 Y
Highlander Thunder Castle 1995-1999 Y
Highlander 2nd Edition La Montagnard Inc. 2006-2007 N
HorrorClix CMG WizKids 2006-2008 Y
Horsepower: 5000 Brian Blume 1995-1996 N
Horus Heresy Sabertooth Games 2003 N
Hot Wheels Acceleracers Mattel 2005 N
Humaliens Alderac 2003 Y
HumanKind SALO 2005 N
Huntik: Secrets and Seekers Upper Deck 2009- Y
Hyborian Gates Cardz 1995 Y
Illuminati: New World Order Steve Jackson Games http://www.sjgames.com/inwo/ 1994-1998 Y
Imajica Harper Prism 1997 Y
Initial-D Alderac Ent. 2003 Y
Intervention divine Halloween Concept 1995 N
InuYasha Score Entertainment 2004 Y
James Bond 007 Goldeneye Heartbreaker/Target Games 1995 Y
Jyhad Wizards of the Coast 1994-1996 Y
Killer Instinct Topps 1996 Y
Kingdom Hearts Fantasy Flight Games 2007 Y
Knights' Kingdom Lego 2005 Y
Knights of the Zodiac Bandai 2003 Y
Kult Bryan Winter/Target Games 1995 Y
Langrisser NCS 1999 N
The Last Crusade Pinnacle Entertainment Group 1995 Y
Legend of the Burning Sands Five Rings Publishing Group 1998-1999 Y
Legend of the Five Rings Alderac/Five Rings Publishing Group http://www.l5r.com/ 1995- Y
Light Magic Matsui Gaming Machine 2000 Y
Looney Toons Wizards of the Coast 2000 Y
Lord of the Rings Decipher 2001-2007 Y
Lycee Silver Blitz/Broccoli 2006 N
Magi Nation Interactive Imagination Corp. http://www.magi-nation.com/ 2000-2002 Y
Magic: the Gathering Wizards of the Coast http://wizards.com/MAGIC/ 1993- Y
MapleStory Wizards of the Coast 2007 Y
Marvel Superstars Upper Deck 2010 N
Marvel Ultimate Battles Upper Deck 2008 Y
Mechwarrior CMG WizKids 2002-2008 Y
Medabots Score Entertainment 2003 Y
Megaman: NT Warrior Decipher 2004 Y
Middle Earth Iron Crown Enterprises http://www.meccg.net/ 1995-1999 Y
Mighty Beanz Spin Master Ltd. 2004 Y
The Mission Cactus Game Design/Ezekiel Ltd. 2000 Y
MLB Showdown Wizards of the Coast 2000-2005 Y
Monster Collection Group SNE 1997-2000 N
Monster Magic Trio Toys 1995 N
Monster Maker Resurrection Epoch 2001 N
Monster Rancher Artbox 2000 Y
Monster Tykes Rapid POD Printing 2007 N
Monty Python and the Holy Grail Kenzer and Company. 1996 Y
Mortal Kombat Brady Games 1996 Y
Mystical Empire Northeast Games 2005 Y
Mythmatical Battles 4R, Inc http://www.mythmaticalbattles.com/ 2004 N
Myths & Legends Salo 2003- Y
Mythos Chaosium http://www.chaosium.com/mythos/ 1996-1997 Y
Naruto Bandai http://www.bandaicg.com/naruto/ 2006- Y
NASCAR Racing Challenge Upper Deck 2000 N
NBA Showdown Wizards of the Coast 2002 N
Neopets Wizards of the Coast 2003- Y
Nerve Cell Entertainment 1999 N
Netrunner Wizards of the Coast 1996-1999 Y
NFL Showdown Wizards of the Coast 2001-2003 Y
The Nightmare Before Christmas NECA http://www.necaonline.com/nbctcg/index.html 2005-2006 N
Noah's Quest Momentum Force Game Systems Inc. 2003 N
On the Edge Atlas Games 1994-1995 Y
One Piece Bandai 2003 Y
Ophidian 2350 Ophidian Inc/Fleer http://www.ophidiangames.com/ 2003 Y
Overpower (DC) Fleer/Skybox 1995-1999 Y
Overpower (Marvel) Fleer/Skybox 1995-1999 Y
Perry Rhodan Firestorm Fanpro 1998 N
PEZ US Games Systems 2000 Y
Pirates of the Caribbean Upper Deck 2006 Y
PK Cards PKXL Cards, Inc. http://www.pkcards.com/ 2008- N
Playas and Haters Broodmoor 2005 N
Playoff One on One Hockey Challenge Playoff/Cardz 1995 N
Pokemon Wizards of the Coast/Nintendo http://www.pokemon.com/us/ 1999-2003/2003- Y
Power Cardz Caliber Games 1995 Y
Power Rangers Bandai http://www.bandaicg.com/powerrangers/index.php 2008- N
Powerstorm Veritas Games Company http://www.veritasgames.net/ps/index.html 2006-2007 Y
Prince of Tennis Konami N
Principality EPOS Entertainment 2004 N
Queen's Blade: The Duel Mega House 2008- N
Quest LGCK2 http://www.questccg.com/ 2010- N
Quest for the Grail Stone Ring Games http://www.fontcraft.com/quest/ 1995 Y
Racer Knights of Falconus CMG Arthaus/White Wolf 2005 Y
Radical Racers 2005 N
Rage White Wolf/Five Rings Pub. 1995-1999 Y
Rangers Strike Carddas 2006- N
RAVE Master! Konami 2001 N
Recharge Marvel 2001- N
Red Zone Donruss/NXT Games 1995 Y
Redemption Cactus Game Design http://www.cactusgamedesign.com/redemption.php 1995- Y
Rick's Reef Kalypso Concepts 2003 N
Rifts Precedence Entertainment 2001 Y
Risky Mgax Magic Box Int. 2002 N
Robotech Hero Factory 2006- N
Rocketmen: Axis of Evil CMG Wizkids 2007-2008 Y
The Romance of the Three Kingdom Koei 1999 N
Ruinsworld Medallion Simulations 1995 Y
Rumble Robots Trendmasters 2001 Y
Ryvah Ryvah http://www.ryvah.com/ 2006 N
The Saddle Club Kryptyx Entertainment 2003 N
Saga Saga Games http://www.playsaga.com/ 2008 Y
Sailor Moon Dart Flipcards Inc. 2000 Y
Scooby Doo Journeyman Press 2000 Y
SD Gundam Bandai 2003 Y
Shadow Raven Destiny Press 2000 Y
Shadowfist Daedalus Ent./Z-Man Games http://www.shadowfist.com/ 1995-1996, 2000- Y
Shadowrun FASA 1997-1998 Y
Shaman King Upper Deck 2005 Y
Shin Sangoku Musou 4 Koei 2005 N
Sim City Mayfair Games 1995-1996 Y
The Simpsons Wizards of the Coast 2003 Y
Skateboarding Must Die Sir Mantraplay 2006 N
Sonic X Score Entertainment 2005 Y
Spawn PowerCardz Caliber Game Systems 1995 N
Spellfire TSR http://www.spellfire.net/ 1994-2000 Y
The Spoils Tenacious Games/Arcane Tinmen http://www.thespoils.com 2006- Y
SpongeBob SquarePants UpperDeck 2003 Y
Spycraft AEG 2004 Y
Star of the Guardians Mag Force 7 1995 Y
Star Quest Comic Images 1995 Y
Star Trek 2nd Ed CCG Decipher 2002-2007 Y
Star Trek CCG Decipher 1994-2006 Y
Star Trek TCG Fleer/Skybox 1996-1997 Y
Star Wars CCG Decipher http://www.starwarsccg.org/ 1995-2001 Y
Star Wars CMG Wizards of the Coast 2004-2010 Y
Star Wars: Jedi Knights Decipher 2001 Y
Star Wars Pocketmodels TCG Wizkids http://www.swpocketmodels.com/ 2007-2010 Y
Star Wars TCG Wizards of the Coast http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=swtcg 2002-2006 Y
Star Wars Young Jedi Decipher 1999-2001 Y
Stargate Comic Images 2007 Y
Street Proz Game On Sports 2006 Y
Street Warriors Lethal Entertainment, Inc. http://www.thestreetwars.com/ 2006 N
Super Deck! Card Sharks 1994-1995 Y
Super Nova Heartbreaker/Target Games http://wunderland.com/WTS/Chort/SuperNova/supernova.html 1995 Y
Survivor Upper Deck 2001 Y
Tank Commander: The Eastern Front Moments in History 1997 N
Teen Titans DC 2005 Y
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Upper Deck Y
Tempest of the Gods Black Dragon Press 1995 Y
The Terminator Precedence Entertainment 2000 Y
Terror Kris Silver 1996 Y
Thorgal Egmont Polska 2002 N
Timestream: The Remnant Eternal Studios 2002 N
Tomb Raider Precedence Entertainment 1999-2000 Y
Top of the Order Donruss/NXT Games 1995 Y
Torchwood GE Fabbri 2008 Y
Towers in Time Thunder Castle Games 1995 Y
Transformers 3-D Battle Card Game Wizards of the Coast http://www.wizards.com/transformers/ 2007- Y
Tribbles Decipher 2000 N
Ultimate Combat Ultimate Games 1995 Y
Ultimate Muscle: The Kinnikuman Legacy Bandai 2003 N
Universal Fighting System Sabertooth Games/Fantasy Flight Games http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite.asp?eidm=9 2006 Y
Vampire: The Eternal Struggle White Wolf http://www.white-wolf.com/vtes/ 2000- Y
Vandaria Wars Gamequarters 2006 N
Veto Krakowska Grupa Kreatywna 2004 N
Vex Six Sided Simulations http://sixsided.com/sss/ 2003 N
Warcardz SC Patiart SRL 2005 N
WarCry Sabertooth Games 2003-2007 Y
Wargods Enigma Games http://www.enigma-games.com/products.php?pid=11 2009- N
Warhammer 40K Sabertooth Games 2001 Y
Warhammer Invasion 2009 N
Warlord: Saga of the Storm Alderac http://www.warlordccg.de/blog/ 2001- Y
Warlords Iron Crown Enterprises 1997 Y
Warmachine CMG Privateer Press http://privateerpress.com/WARMACHINE 2003- Y
WARS Decipher 2004-2005 Y
WCW Nitro Wizards of the Coast 2000 Y
Webkinz Ganz http://www.webkinz.com/TCG_introduction.html 2007- Y
Wheel of Time Precedence Entertainment 1999-2001 Y
Wildstorms Wildstorm Productions 1995-1996 Y
Wing Commander Mag Force 7 1995 Y
Winx Club Upper Deck 2006 N
Wizard in Training Upper Deck 2000- Y
Wizards of Mickey New Media Publishing http://www.wizardsofmickey.com/ N
World of Warcraft Blizzard Entertainment 2007 Y
WWE Raw Deal Comic Images http://www.comicimages.com/rawdeal/ 2000-2007 Y
WWE Smackdown Tesla distribuzione 2004 N
Wyvern US Games Systems 1994-1997 Y
X610Z Quantum Magic http://www.x610z.com/ 2009- N
Xeko Matter Group 2006- N
Xemytica Pingo & HP http://xemytica.com/about-xemytica/ 2010- N
Xena: Warrior Princess Wizards of the Coast 1996-1997 Y
X-Files US Playing Card Co./NXT 1996-1997 Y
X-Men Wizards of the Coast http://www.x-men-tcg.co.uk/ 2000 Y
Xiaolin Showdown Wizards of the Coast http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=xs 2005-2006 N
XXXenophile Slag-Blah! Ent. http://www.studiofoglio.com/xeno.html 1996 N
Yu Yu Hakusho Score 2003-2005 Y
Yu-Gi-Oh! Konami http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/ 2002-2008 Y
Z-Cardz: The Game CMG California Creations 2003 Y
Z-G Atomoton 2001 Y
Zatch Bell! Bandai 2005 Y

Total: Have 218/325 current games (last added cards 07/15/14)